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Non-profit and small business strategic and leadership consulting

MacktaWorks is a woman-owned consulting firm that helps non-profits, creative services and other clients with practical solutions for challenges big and small.

For consultant-phobic businesses, who know they need help but don’t know which next step to take, MacktaWorks provides administrative and organizational guidance, providing a practical outside perspective that provides a key to moving your business forward.


Each of my clients is unique, with their own set of challenges and goals, so I tailor my C-suite level strategy, trouble-shooting, and solutions accordingly. Some of the services I provide include:

Goal Planning Workshops

Executive Sounding Board

Analysis and Re-engineering of:

Process and workflow
Administrative structure
Project management and templates

Solution Sourcing:

research and introductions to appropriate solution providers and software solutions

If you are looking to move your organizational messaging forward +/or build consensus on organizational change, in addition to the above services, I offer:

Competitive Analysis

Marketing Material Survey & Analysis

Stakeholder Interviews


including customer journey mapping, content review, content strategy, content hierarchy, and content implementation plans

MacktaWorks Secret Process Revealed!

After an initial consultation, I take what you’ve shared about your operations and create a custom proposal based on individualized analysis and research. My job is to identify the challenges holding back your business and present them to you with a game plan. Don’t panic. Don’t pull the plug. There are always ways to leverage and improve on the blood, sweat and tears you’ve already poured into your business. I tailor my services uniquely to you as I identify what part of your business will most benefit from my expertise.

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