Get rid of dust and haze.
MacktaWorks provides ultra-practical solutions for top-line business challenges!


  • Analysis of three finicky daily challenges
  • Functional plan to overcome these hurdles

It’s all about facing issues head on.
Time frame: 2 weeks

CLEAR THE COBWEBS: A Great Introduction to MacktaWorks
Client X needed a starting point to understand their business. So we sat down, reviewed their current workflow, talked about clients, how they billed and what systems were in use. After the briefing, MacktaWorks collected the information, did further research and structured the lot into a logical presentation explaining the top three challenges the client had on hand. We prioritized the challenges and discussed manageable solutions for all three.


Get a clear look at the horizon.


  • Audit & assess your overhead costs, org chart and operational workflow
  • Summary recommendation  of:
    • workflow and administrative structure improvements
    • cost-cutting measures
    • process efficiencies

A bird’s eye view can sure be insightful.
Time frame: 4 weeks

INVEST IN THE RANCH: Tangible Solutions to Real Challenges
Client Y had a sense that, “things were fine” but never really dug into the details of how their own business was run. In fact, it made them a little nauseous to think about it, so they just coasted. For a long time. They hired MacktaWorks and we got in the money trenches. We reviewed their invoicing workflow and their billing sheets. We walked through samples line by line and afterwards, Client Y was confident that they were on the right track and running their business as efficiently as possible.


Tired of herding cats?
Get a grip on your project workflow and budgets.


  • Examination and review of your typical (or problem) project
  • Understanding current project management process
  • Present best practices for project budget management
  • Sample/template project schedule and pricing guideline

Structure makes room for innovation.
Time frame: 4 weeks

PROJECT WRANGLING: Streamlining Your Workflow
Client K was busy. All the time. Clients were calling. Work was happening. Balls were in the air, then, balls were dropping. Macktaworks was called in. We reviewed some typical projects from start to finish. We broke out the steps and defined clear touchpoint and then sorted out how to apply this process throughout the office. It took some systems re-arrangement and implementation of a few new resources, but the result was a clear path for projects to go down, providing transparency to both the client and their clients. Improved communications on deliverables resulted in happier clients and more referrals. Success!


The referral pipeline is solid.
Now it’s time to expand.


  • Survey of current website, existing marketing materials and active client roster
  • Analysis of relationship between current marketing plan, active clients and market sectors
  • Outline of current market sectors versus future goals
  • Delivery of 3 actionable marketing ideas with timeline and tasks

“To market, to market, to buy a fat pig. Home again, home again, jiggety jig.”

Bring home the bacon with a practical marketing plan.
Time frame: 4-6 weeks

Client Z had a solid business, built on referrals. But after several years, business declined. MacktaWorks was hired and we reviewed the existing marketing materials (such as they were) along with the verticals the business had the most prominence in. MacktaWorks took the information collected through conversations and research and laid out a clear plan of where the business had success in the past, where their clients were in the marketplace and what opportunities were available for the taking. We chose three prime marketing goals and Macktaworks laid out reasonable, actionable steps to achieve the chosen goals.


Made-to-order consulting package.
Developed just for you, based on your needs, aspirations and goals.

How can we help you?

Client A had been running their business on paper for 20+ years. From registrations to invoices everything was done by hand. With over 1,000 clients every year, this was mountains and mountains of paper. MacktaWorks was brought in to research on-line solution providers, vet them, and give pros and cons of each. Then we helped implement the systems and most importantly, train the staff to think digitally, act locally. Everyone was happy.

We boost your momentum.

MacktaWorks delivers realistic and practical solutions to challenges in:

– project management
– billing and production systems
– marketing
– client services

In short, when you’re spinning in circles, we help you break the cycle and get stuff done.